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the bronze sculptures of

The Gallery

"Checkmate" "Checkmate" Checkmate Bronze on Granite 38"H x 24''W x 24"d The entire sculpture is comprised of 6 individual sculptures that can be combined into various combinations of the buyer's choice. 186985825 Checkmate 186985826 Checkmate 186985824 Checkmate 186985827 Combination Suggestion 1 Queen, Bishop & Pawns 186986003 Combination Suggestion 2 Pawns, Knight & Bishop 186986001 Combination Suggestion 3 Queen & Knight 186986002 Combination Suggestion 4 Knight, Pawns & Bishop 186986004 Combination Suggestion 5 King & Rook 186986005 Combination Suggestion 6 Queen, King & Rook 186986006 Combination Suggestion 7 Queen, Knight & Bishop 186985823 The Queen "Whiplash" 186986217 The King "A Royal Pain in the Ass" 186986214 The Bishop "Kiss of Death" 186986215 The Pawns "Rape of the Sabine Women" 186986216 The Knight "KnightMare" 186986218 The Rook "Built Like a Brick Shithouse" 186986384 186986219