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the bronze sculptures of

The Gallery

"Cirque du Lune" "Cirque du Lune" "Cirque de la Lune" bronze on marble: 87"H x 14"W x 16"D 200158503 178187277 178187284 178187283 178187279 178187286 178187282 178187280 178187281 178187285 178187278 The Moon 178187494 The Moon & The Puppeteer 178187498 The Puppeteer with a dead frog puppet 178187493 The Puppeteer 178187492 The Acrobat 178187489 The Acrobat twirling plates on a stick 178187496 The Acrobat 178187490 The Magician pulling a dead fish out of his hat 178187495 The Magician 178187497 The Magician 178187491